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Work site services and construction materials in Finland and Russia

WTH World Trade House provides work site services and construction materials in Russia and now also in Finland. We deliver many kinds of construction materials, electrical and air-conditioning products, work outfits, fixing accessories, insulation, tools, spare parts and many more things everywhere in Russia and in the whole of Finland.

Our operations have expanded in terms of importing. Aluminium platforms, ladders and scaffolding, as well as RST and aluminium profiles, are currently included in our company’s operating environment. As our latest operational idea, we’re seeking to develop the concept of work site services for construction work sites.

Our work site service includes skilled doers, with whose know-how the work succeeds smoothly. Find out more and get in touch!

Over 20 years’ solid experience in Russia and Finland

WTH World Trade House has operated in the field for more than 20 years, particularly in trade with the east. Our main areas have been St. Petersburg and north-west Russia, but we have also carried out deliveries elsewhere in Russia. During this period, our company has developed solid expertise. Customers have received a smooth service and realistic timetables for deliveries of materials.

It’s natural for us to deliver orders quickly to the site – to Russia or Finland.

Construction and work site services with expertise

The latest activities that have been incorporated in the operations of the company have been the importing revolving around the construction industry and the work site service concept. The operations have been developed, and are still being developed, to meet the needs of the customers as well as possible.

A reliable service in Finland and Russia

WTH World Trade House is a reliable partner with long-standing experience and stable customer relationships. Construction and work site services, as well as construction material deliveries, can be sorted out smoothly through us. Get in touch and ask more!